SELLER SAYS: Very good condition, runs well. Currently on Historic rego. 45,013 miles. Comes with original saddle bags and spring pillion seat. Contact Trevor on 02 9905 xxxx SOLD (Brookvale, Sydney NSW)

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: The evolution of motorcycles has a bunch of chapters, and one of the most marked was the chapter of single-cylinder engines. Although it was swept away quite suddenly — once twins arrived, triples and fours quickly became commonplace — singles were the mainstay of the motorcycle industry for decades. The AJS18 was one of the last of the big British singles. With a rigid rear end and a 500cc engine, the big Ajay was strong as an ox and well evolved, making it an excellent example of the big-single era. This ’49 model selling from Sydney looks like a beaut.


The Postman