SELLER SAYS: The first year of the iconic T20 six-speed two-stroke twin-cylinder road bike. Purchased from the original owner 15 years ago. Restored to a beautiful condition. Paintwork by Roy Bogner. Chrome work by AA Vinnies. Mechanically exceptional; still on standard piston size, with excellent compression. Starts first kick and hums beautifully at speed. Crankshaft rebuilt with new oil seals by Neville Lush Racing. Engine re-assembled by Alain Guinot (ex Suzuki factory trained mechanic). New 20% stiffer fork springs custom made in the UK for an improved front end. Original perfect grey control cables on the bike, with new spares. Includes original Owners Manual and Shop Manual, and a large box of new spares and consumables, including brand NOS T20 barrels and new crank seals for 30 years in the future! À labour of love. Contact Alex on 0408 670 645 (Melbourne, Vic.) Ref#261222

EDITOR TERLICK: Suzuki’s T20 hit the market as a high-tech marvel when it was released late in 1965 and went on to dominate production-bike race meetings around the world. While its six-speed gearbox was the T20’s big headline, it also boasted a twin-leading shoe front brake and just under 30 horsepower from its 250cc engine, good enough to push the bike to 92mph and a 15.3-second quarter mile. Also known as the 250 Hustler, the bike introduced Suzuki’s PosiForce lubrication system — petrol in the main tank, oil in another — to save owners the hassle of mixing fuel. And how cool are those external fork spring? This bike of Alex’s looks like a rare find indeed, in outstanding condition after a thorough and professional rebuild. Lovely. Learn more here.

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