SELLER SAYS: 1975 Triumph Trident T150 for sale. Lovely old bike, fully restored in excellent condition by British Imports, Perth. Lots of dollars spent. Price is firm. Bike is on full West Australian registration. Contact Kevin at SOLD (Mandurah, Perth WA) Ref#131222

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS:  For those who don’t know the back-story, the Triumph Trident shoulda-been and arguably coulda-been the saviour of the British motorcycle industry. It was conceived, sketched and built to pre-production standard long before Honda released the four-cylinder CB750. The Trident’s designers knew that the long-lived and long-loved British 650 twin had had its day, and riders (in England to some extent, but more importantly in the USA) wanted something bigger, faster and smoother. Their answer was a 750cc triple. And it was a good answer! But Triumph had bigger headaches at the time, most notably its forced merger with BSA, and BSA management said if Triumph was getting a triple then BSA wanted one too. There was much naffing around and arguing, and the Trident project moved at glacial pace. Eventually, Honda gazumped the Brits with the Honda Four, and when the Trident and Rocket 3 were released, it was too late — the buying public had fallen in love with Japan. None of which changes the fact that the Trident was and is an excellent bike, faster and better handling than the Honda, and truly a modern-day collectors’ item. I saw this bike of Kevin’s at last year’s The Bike Shed Times Capel River Classic, and it really is a lovely piece of gear. You can read more of the Trident story here.

The Postman