SELLER SAYS: Honda GB400TT MKII for sale. This is a beautiful, low km example of Honda’s tribute to the legendary TT racers. Although it is not at concourse level, it is in tremendous condition and turns heads wherever it goes. You can either take it to the next level or enjoy riding it straight away. Either way it will make a great addition to any collection. The bike is fully registered and has no mechanical or electrical faults of any kind. The GB400 was always a classic bike and good ones are becoming difficult to find. With only 8500km, the TT front fairing and the silver fast back, this one is even more rare. This one is going straight to the pool room. Contact Jeff on 0481 xxx xxx SOLD (Ocean Reef, Perth WA).

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: Isn’t it strange how time seems to alter the way we look at things? Back in the 1950s and ’60s, a 350cc single was a big engine, 30hp was a lot of power, and any bike that could top 100mph was fast. And if you ask anyone who raced a 350 BSA Gold Star, they’ll tell you that yes, banked over on a fast sweeper with the 350cc engine screaming, they really were fast. The British motorcycle industry was at its peak in those days and spent a huge amount of energy on TT racing — that’s tourist trophy, so named because big-engine singles of the day were considered “touring” bikes. When Honda decided to build a bike in tribute to those glory days and glory bikes, they stuck with that mid-20th Century formula — and so was born the GB400TT. (That’s GB for Great Britain, and TT for tourist trophy, in case you’re not paying attention.) The GB runs an engine which is pretty much a straight lift from Honda’s XL dirt bike of the ’80s, a modern classic in its own right I reckon, and the running gear and suspension would be a big improvement on a Gold Star — but if you got this GB400 singing around a fast sweeping corner, you’d wonder why we ever bothered making them bigger and faster. To be clear, this bike of Jeff’s is the MkII version, recognisable by the little race fairing and single seat, making it a little more rare and a lot more racer-boy than its predecessor. Oh yes, and it produces about 34hp and will pull 100mph on a good day!


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