SELLER SAYS: 1993 GSXR750 in very nice condition. Starts instantly and rides beautifully. Just clicked over 40,000 kilometres and in near perfect condition. See more photos here. Contact Tom on 0417 093 973 (Perth, WA) Ref#100323

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: Suzuki’s long-running GSXR750 set the world on fire when it was first released in 1985 — boasting a 100hp  oil-cooled engine, a dry weight of 176kg, and styling straight off the race track, it was a street-legal track bike that sold like hot cakes and went on to dominate the sports bike market (on and off the track) for years. Of course, street-legal track bikes have their limitations, mostly in the comfort and practicality departments! By the early to mid-1990s the Gixxer had become a little more user friendly, but was still a serious weapon; with the arrival of water-cooling the bike weighed a little over 200kg but power was up too — 108hp was good enough for a 10.7 second quarter mile and a 260kmh top speed. This bike of Tom looks like a lovely example and, with the 750 no longer available, good examples will become increasingly hard to find.

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