SELLER SAYS: Two owner, Australian-new genuine Boxer Cup. Including BMW panniers. Stock standard apart from heated grips and USB port. The BMW R1100S is now regarded as something of a classic, especially in Boxer Cup form. Classy styling, VFR-esque comfort and versatility plus BMW quality and residuals make for a stonking and attractive all-rounder. The plush ride usually delivered by BM’s novel Telelever/Paralever suspension set-up is present and correct on the R1100S but for some reason it manages to avoid much of the steering vagueness that comes with it. The BMW R1100S is smooth, predictable and pleasing to hustle along country A-roads. The BMW R1100S’s ‘new school’ boxer engine is pleasant, flexible and bulletproof. The R1100S is a BMW so the usual peace of mind applies, especially as it’s powered by the under-stressed 1100 engine. As a classy, versatile, and durable all-rounder, there’s not much that comes close. Replicas are best of bunch (but have high seats). Contact Andrew on 0418 xxx xxx SOLD for $11.5k. (Sydney, NSW)


The Postman