SELLER SAYS: Yamaha FZ1S 1000 sports tourer. Last of the first model, and probably the best. This one has been owned from new by a lady owner, with whom, unfortunately, time has caught up, and now reluctantly must go. Extras include taller screen, sheepskin seat cover, Ventura rack system, Yoshimura “silencer”, rear hugger, etc, etc. Original muffler and screen included. Contact Marion on 0449 578 525 (Toodyay, WA).

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: Somewhere around the mid-2000s, several motorcycle manufacturers hit a sweet spot with big sports tourers . No longer were sports tourers an uncomfortable compromise between being a sports bike and a tourer. While many earlier bikes somehow delivered sports bike comfort and tourer performance instead of the other way around, the designers finally got things right. Yamaha’s FZ1S was right in the middle of this got-it-right period. With a slightly tamed R1 engine at its heart, the FZ1S will go like stink when you want it to, and handle like a sports bike as well. But if you want to take it easy and enjoy the countryside well, no problem mister; even with a pillion on board. This bike of Marion’s looks like a great example, and also reminds us what wonderful value for money is out there in the used-bike market. Learn more about the Fazer here.

The Postman