SELLER SAYS: One of the last old-school Dynas. I have owned the motorcycle for the last five years, and it had 6500km on it when purchased. 96-cube engine, 6-speed gearbox, upgraded cam (nothing crazy), EFI, Two Brothers Racing two-into-one exhaust, Le Pera seat. Bike is in top condition. Factory flamed paint. All my bikes are well maintained and all work carried out by professionals. Unregistered at the moment, but will sort out for buyer. 22,500km. Contact Kelly on 0417 970 726 (Albany, WA).

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: The big wide world of Harley-Davidson fans let out an audible groan of sadness when HD HQ made the bold and unexpected decision to dump the much-loved Dyna models. The Dynas were the mid-size Harley — occupying the gap between small (?) Sportsters and the company’s bigger touring bikes. They were the everyman’s Harley. The twin shocks and rubber-mounted engines gave the Dynas that classic Harley look and that classic Harley throb. (When you see a Dyna at idle, you can’t help but wonder whether that engine’s going to bounce clear out of the frame.) As always, the world has moved on, and both HD and its rider base have survived a world without Dynas. Expect the world is not without Dynas, of course. Harley sold a zillion of them, and I reckon most are still going strong and will be throbbing away for many more years yet. This one of Kelly’s looks like a beaut, with a few appropriate modifications that don’t harm the Harley soul.

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The Postman