SELLER SAYS: 2015 Norton Commando out of Donington Hall. This machine is fully sorted and runs like a dream with a Power Commander that you can tune from your laptop. The Commando is fitted with Norton’s Motad-style exhaust system that I picked up personally from the factory, at which time I had the ECU remapped. Ohlins shocks and Brembo brakes ride on old-school spoken rims. All of which provides a unique ride experience. Contact Dan on 0401 135 600 (Busselton, WA).

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: To many, the Norton Commando was the greatest British motorcycle of all time. And to some, no doubt, the greatest motorcycle of all  time. Certainly the Commando of the 1970s was, and is, one of the most stylish bikes to hit the street. They were also great handlers and, for their time, pretty darn quick too. When the British bike industry went belly-up, many a tear was shed for the Commando. So little wonder that there was a cheer right across the planet in 2010, and nowhere louder than in Britain, when the reborn Norton Commando was released. The new 961 was not just another modern bike wearing an old name. It was a “proper retro” if there can be such a thing. It was low-tech by modern standards, ran on spoked wheels, and had a whole bunch of old-school charm. The early ones also had more than a few teething problems around the engine. This bike of Dan’s has had plenty of attention to iron out any bugs, and looks an absolute treat.

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