Don’t trust Facebook? Don’t like the internet? Worried about scammers?

Yes, The Bike Shed Times can still help sell your classic bike

Not everyone has the internet. Not everyone likes the internet. While some sellers like to advertise in a way that reaches as many people as they possibly can, others prefer to keep things more discreet.

The Bike Shed Times‘ new off-the-internet selling option offers a very old-fashioned way to buy and sell classic motorcycles. We spread the word by a modern version of word-of-mouth. There’s no internet posts, no website articles, and no Facebook — just email and text communications with prospective buyers who are in The Bike Shed Times network of contacts.

We only make your classic bike visible to our subscribers — they are the (approximately) 1,500 people who have signed up to receive our newsletter by email — and to any specific individuals who we think might be interested in your bike.

And we take one more step to help protect you from scammers — prospective buyers contact us before they contact you. That way, if we smell a rat, we can fend them off.

This very special service is now available with an up-front fee of $75 to put your bike in front of our contacts, plus a commission of 7.5% of your selling price which is only payable if we find a buyer.

So if you want to sell your special bike, but you would rather stay away from the big crowds on the internet, here’s our very new but very old-fashioned way to sell classic motorcycles!

Sell my motorcycle without using the internet
Eg Ducati
Eg 900SS
Eg 1981
State miles or kilometres (or 'not known')
Eg Kalamunda
$15,000 or more -- this service is not available to motorcycles priced below $15,000
Phone or email address. We will provide these details to prospective buyers, but we will not publish them on the internet.
Up to six photos. (Take good ones!)
We will send you an invoice within 24 hours
The commission is only payable if one of our prospects buys your bike/s. The commission is in addition to the $75 listing fee.
So we can contact you
So we can contact you




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