‘Just Ride’

Looking to buy a motorcycle T-shirt in Australia? Welcome to ‘Just Ride’ — The Bike Shed Times‘ very own line of motorbike T-shirts.

All our shirts are made from 100% cotton so they will always be comfortable — whether you’re wearing them under your riding jacket or out in the open air.

Designed by our in-house fashion department and printed in Australia using Editor Terlick’s own photographs, they’re made to look schmick no matter what your body shape!

Order in black or white, to fit men or ladies, with large or pocket-size images, and wearing either ‘The Bike Shed Times’ or ‘For The Love of Bikes’ headings.

We have images from a range of marques including Buell, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki and Triumph.

Click an image to see the range and place your orders!

Allow three weeks for delivery.