CAPTION: Want more action in your shop? The Bike Shed Times can help you keep the customers you’ve already got, and make yourself known to people who have never heard of you!

Want more business? We can help

THE Bike Shed Times is the best marketing and advertising portal available for anyone trying to reach Australia’s adult motorcycling community. Our website attracts more than 15,000 visits a month and we have almost 16,000 Facebook followers. Our readers are mostly men aged over 45.

Whether you want to reach motorcyclists all across the nation to sell your special motorcycle, or if you want to make your bike-related business more visible to prospective customers, we can help you do it.

We have a small number of specialist marketing tools, created specifically for the Australian motorcycle industry.

What does it cost?

1. Selling bikes:

We can help sell your bike for a little as $35. Visit for the details.

2. Promoting businesses:

a) Display ad: We can place a Display Advertisement embedded in an article or on our popular Bikes For Sale page. ($100 for 3 months.)

b) Run of Site ad: We can place a Run of Site Advertisement on the right hand side of our website. ($100 for 3 months.)

Want to know more?

Contact Peter Terlick by email at


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