Sell your classic motorcycle with The Bike Shed Times

Want to sell your classic motorcycle in Australia? You’ve come to the right place! With around 4,000 website visits a week and 16,000 followers on Facebook, The Bike Shed Times reaches the right people to sell your exotic, vintage or classic motorcycle — and your bike stays listed on our site until it’s sold.

How to advertise:

Fill out the form below, email your photo/s to and we’ll send you an invoice so you can pay by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. Listings submitted by 5pm Thursday are posted by Saturday morning.

Eg Ducati
Eg 900SS
Eg 1981
State miles or kilometres
State and town or city and suburb
Phone number (preferred) or email address
We will send you an invoice within 24 hours
If applicable

Prefer to sell by auction?

You can list your bike for sale by online auction, with The Bike Shed Times. Each listing costs $125, plus 5% of the final selling price if we sell your bike.  Click here for details.

The fine print.

Send us your photos.

Photos taken on your phone are perfectly fine for publication. Email your photos to  .  Photos should be horizontal (turn your phone on its side when you take the pics). For the tech-savvy, we prefer each image between 400KB and 2MB. If you are sending a video or multiple photos, we recommend you use Dropbox. Alternatively, you may need to send several emails with two or three photos in each email.

Take good photos of your bike.

Yes, it does matter. You don’t have to be a skilled photographer, but you do need to put in some effort. Fill the frame with your entire bike (minimal foreground or background), kneel down so your phone/camera is at the same height as your bike’s headlight, and have the handlebars turned slightly towards the camera. If you’re taking multiple photos, move in close for the extra pics. Get more tips here. (Arrange yourself and your bike so it looks something like this:)


A website advertisement appears as a post on The Bike Shed Times’ home page and is also listed as a single-photo advertisement on our Bikes for Sale page. You have the option of 1-5 photos, or 6-10 photos. We will choose which photo appears on the Bikes For Sale page if you don’t nominate.

The Facebook option promotes your bike on Facebook and links directly to your website advertisement. You can have the Facebook post run once or twice; the second post will be published in the week following the first post. We will choose which photos appear on Facebook if you don’t nominate.

All the Editor’s comments are written by our editor, Peter Terlick. He knows a thing or two about bikes, but he uses Google shamelessly to help him craft his commentary.

The video option enables you to have your video (up to 45 seconds) hosted on The Bike Shed Times YouTube channel. We will include a link to the video from your advert. Just send us your video (or a link to it), and we can take it from there.

Your advert includes your phone number or email address, so prospective buyers contact you direct.

Your bike may be featured in our weekly email newsletter to subscribers, at our discretion.

International sellers: Yes, we accept advertisements for bikes outside of Australia — but you’ll need to be willing to ship to Australia and to provide The Bike Shed Times with photo ID of yourself and proof that you own the bike.  (Submit the form as usual and we’ll be in touch.)

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