Honda Black Bomber for sale

SELLER SAYS: Fully rebuilt 1966 Honda CB 450 KO ‘Black Bomber’ for sale. All original tinware. New rear rim, chromed front rim, stainless steel spokes, new tyres. Fitted with Mikuni VM carbies, new mufflers, pipes rechromed. Later 500 T engine fitted, fully rebuilt with 5 speed box. Definite riders bike, looks and goes well. This is the machine they banned from racing in the UK because it was too good for the Triumphs and BSAs. Reducing my collection. Contact Mark on 0414 916 192 (Mundaring – Perth, Western Australia).

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: I read an article once that said Honda’s first 450 twin, the 1965 CB450K0, was a hard line in the history of motorcycles. Before it, the motorcycling world did not take Japan seriously. After it, they did. With a double overhead cam engine and a top speed north of 100mph, the so-called Black Bomber was serious business. No longer were Japanese manufacturers seen as producing toys or “gateway” bikes that would lead young riders onto the proper bikes made in England, America and Europe. Honda had arrived. During the early ’60s, Honda’s aggressive marketing (into America mostly), spear-headed by the priceless campaign of “you meet the nicest people on a Honda” had massively increased the number of people interested in owning a motorcycle. With the arrival of the CB450, those people had a big Japanese bike to ride — and it was quiet, started easily and didn’t leak oil. As it turned out, the Americans didn’t much like the CB450. But the Poms loved it, and it’s significance in motorcycle history is now recognised.

The Postman