SELLER SAYS: I have looked around Bikesales and other sales outlets and I have not seen a nicer or more original KZ1000A2. My intention was to restore it to full Australian standards but have run short of cash restoring my Z1-A . To date I have only had a dual brake kit installed, obtained an original KPH speedo, and had a new correct seat cover installed. The bike comes with owner’s manual, service manual, brochure and a very rare Kawasaki Z1000A2 cut away framed poster. 11,041 is the actual milage and the US paintwork is very original. The bike was actually fully kitted with a Kawasaki Vetta fairing and pannier setup which was removed and sold. The factory mufflers are totally free of rust and the chrome is not pitted. Everything works as it should. I have put some 1,000 miles on the bike, and it runs perfectly. Choke valve seals may need replacing as there is some light smoke on cold start up, but once the engine is warm the smoke is totally gone. There are two marks in the paintwork on the tank, caused by some bad fuel I would think. These I have photographed. The bike has been on a number of club runs with zero problems. Contact Paul on 0418 xxx xxx SOLD (Sydney, NSW)

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: When Kawasaki released the Z1 900 in 1972, the world’s motorcycle industry went beserk. Honda’s CB750 was still a relatively new thing, and it was almost unthinkable that there was another bike coming from one of the other Japanese manufacturers that was going to be bigger and faster than the Honda. (Truth be told, the Z1 wasn’t going to be bigger at all. It was designed as a 750, then redesigned specifically so it could boast a bigger motor than the Honda Four.) The Z1 was the first significant counter-punch to the CB, starting a performance war that’s pretty much been going on ever since. But by 1977, both bikes were starting to look stale and in need of an upgrade. The Z1000 was a slick upgrade indeed, not only boasting a bigger engine but also improved fuel economy, a more tractable engine (same power at lower revs), a stiffer frame, and triple disc brakes. But it was still unmistakably a Z, including that wonderful ducktail, and was still a very fast motorcycle capable of doing everything from cross-country hauls to drag-strip heroics. Being an A2, this bike of Paul’s is the second of the Z1000 models (or KZ1000, as they were called in the USA). It looks like it would be an excellent prospect for a full-on back-to-original restoration, as Paul had planned, but also looks perfectly ready to be put to work as a club bike or regular ride.

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“The process of listing my Kawasaki W650 for sale with The Bike Shed Times was easy and very reasonably priced. My bike sold within two weeks to a nice gentleman in the Perth Hills. I was tired of scammers on other sites. Dealing with Peter at The Bike Shed Times was a delight. Highly recommend.”
– Kate, Western Australia.


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