SELLER SAYS: Purchased in 2002, this bike was masquerading as a 1975 900 Super Sport. However, through research and restoration it was rebuilt and repainted to become the genuine 1982 model. Restoration completed in 2004 and still with the same owner. In 1981, the status of the 900 Super Sport was downgraded, with the Mike Hailwood Replica now the range leader. While it was fundamentally unchanged from earlier examples, the Super Sport received a moderate facelift that would see it through until its demise a year later. The biggest changes were to the styling of the dual seat, along with a new colour scheme of silver with three shades of blue stripes. The fairing too was now silver, rather than blue, and also featured the same stripes. For its final production year, there were only minor alterations to the specifications of the Super Sport. Production quality was variable and fewer were manufactured, only 335. (The Last Ducati 900SS Was the Best, Robert Smith, Motorcycle Classics 2012). Claimed power: 60hp @ 6,500rpm (rear wheel w/40mm carbs). Top speed: 125mph (period test). Engine: 864cc air-cooled OHC 90-degree desmodromic L-twin, 86mm x 74.4mm. Weight (wet): 477lb (217kg). MPG: 4.7gal (17.8ltr)/35-50mpg. Contact Jok at (Hamelin Bay, WA).

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