SELLERS SAYS: 2006 BMW R1200S for sale. 72,000km. Bertha the Beemer is for sale. Beautiful in gloss black paint and lots of carbon fibre. Wunderlich tune module, raised bars, Staintune exhaust, Ohlins suspension, tyres 100%. Queensland solo registration until August. Custom BXR02 number plate will go with bike if purchased by Qld licence holder. In excellent condition, especially for being 18 years old. Will make a great addition for any collection. Contact Barry on 0427 118 998 (Woorim, Queensland)

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: There’s something downright depressing about the monoculturalism of 21st century design. Whether it’s motorbikes, cars, toasters, shoes or dogs, there’s a remarkable lack of individualism these days. Everything looks the same as its market competitors! And motorcycle engine design is the same. You want a big sports bike? Sure. And which inline four-cylinder engine would you like? Coz that pretty much describes all of them. I was mortified when Ducati went to four cylinders for its sport bikes. I didn’t have quite as violent a reaction to BMW’s defection to the dark side, I guess because it was gradual. BMW’s K-series (four-cylinder engines) started a long time ago and ran in parallel with the R-series (boxer twins) for a long time. I do own an L-twin bevel Duke and a boxer Beemer, but if I had the cash to spare, my garage would include a BMW R1200S and a L-twin Ducati Panigale because each of them represent the final incarnation of their generation. While most of us remember the boxer BMWs as tourers (or modern adventure bikes), the R1200S showed the world what could be done with the horizontally opposed twin as a sports bike. And it was (and is) brilliant. The headline — 122 horsepower from a boxer twin — is impressive enough, but the whole package was pure sport, and glorious. Do take a look at MC News’ excellent test report (click here). This bike of Barry’s looks like a marvellous example and would be a wonderful regular ride or, as Barry suggests, a great addition to a sports bike or BMW collection.

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