IT’S already known as a great same-day destination for Perth motorcyclists, but now the Avon Valley is pushing its case for more widespread recognition – and looking at ways to make the region an even better riding experience.

A project to promote the valley as a ‘motorcycle friendly region’ has attracted a $16,000 grant from the West Australian Government’s Royalties for Regions Community Chest fund and has won the support of seven local government entities from the valley (the shires of York, Beverley, Chittering, Goomalling, Northam, Toodyay and Victoria Plains).

The project will be officially launched later this year, most likely late October.

Avon Tourism chairperson Karen Dore is a bike rider herself: she rides a Yamaha MT07 on the road and monkeys for a sidecar road-racer at Barbagallo Raceway.

Karen says the motorcycle-friendly project will include creating a regional map that highlights bike-friendly eateries, accommodation and attractions, as well as useful details such as fuel stops, rest stops and local road information.

“The map will be available on-line, initially on the Avon Valley WA website but possibly on its own site later on,” she said.

“There’ll be a hard-copy version too, distributed through bike shops and local visitor centres.”

_DSC0055Karen told The Bike Shed Times the Avon Valley would be the first ‘official’ motorcycle-friendly region in Western Australia, but it’s not the first in Australia.

“Tasmania certainly has one, and there are quite a few in England, Europe and the USA,” she said.

The Bike Shed Times editor Peter Terlick welcomed the initiative, saying it was pleasing that local government bodies and valley businesses were demonstrating their desire to attract more bike-riding tourists.

“The motorcycle festival each year in York has clearly demonstrated the value of tourists on two wheels,” he said.

“The motorcycling fraternity is well behaved, cashed-up and not all that hard to please, so we’re a smart target for tourism marketers. Give us a good road, a decent feed, a soft bed, and somewhere safe to park our bikes and store our helmets, and you’ll have us and our wallets back time and again.”

CAPTION: Hey, you two, get a room. Promoting biker-friendly accommodation is one of the aims of the Avon Valley's 'motorcycle-friendly region' project.
CAPTION: Hey, you two, get a room. Promoting biker-friendly accommodation is one of the aims of the Avon Valley’s ‘motorcycle-friendly region’ project.

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