SUZUKI has released the 2018 version of our favourite hyper-bike, but anyone hoping for a major upgrade is going to be disappointed.

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Once again, it’s just new paint for the 1300cc Hayabusa (Glass Sparkle Black and Pearl Mira Red / Pearl Glacier White).

We documented some of the Hayabusa’s history when we reported on the 2017 model in January, so rather than write the same stuff again we reckon you can click here instead.

And here’s what Suzuki had to say about the bike this week:

The 2018 iteration of Suzuki’s iconic sportsbike – the legendary Hayabusa – is now available from Australian dealerships.

Shocking the motorcycling world upon its inception in 1999 and named after the Japanese bird of prey capable of speeds in excess of 300 km/h, the latest Suzuki Hayabusa is sure to turn heads in its two striking new colour schemes.

Famous for its sensational power, speed, smooth ride and overwhelming presence continually fascinating owners and onlookers alike.

Powered by a muscular 1340cc four-cylinder engine boasting 145kW (195hp) @ 9,500rpm and delivering a broad wave of torque (155Nm @ 7,200rpm) for effortless acceleration.

Equipped with top shelf radial mount Brembo monobloc front brake calipers, promising tactile feedback to the rider and increased initial bite to tame the Hayabusa’s incredible power.

Standard equipment Antilock Brake System (ABS) unit features a lightweight, compact design. ABS enhances brake performance by helping prevent, to a certain extent, wheel locking due to changes in road conditions or excessive braking, by matching stopping power to available traction.

This iconic hyper-sports bike features the advanced Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS) giving the rider a choice of three available engine maps to suit rider preferences and riding conditions.  

The 2018 Suzuki Hayabusa is available now in two all new aggressive and sporty styled colour schemes – Glass Sparkle Black and Pearl Mira Red / Pearl Glacier White whilst retaining the same manufacturer’s suggested retail price as last year at $20,790 ride away.


Peter Terlick