International classic motorcycle sales on the rise

If you have a classic or exotic motorcycle for sale in the United Kingdom or North America, you should seriously consider offering it to buyers overseas — and especially to buyers in Australia.

The Australian market is strong, many enthusiasts are accustomed to importing bikes from overseas, and the process is becoming increasingly simple thanks to specialist shippers who can provide service and advice at both source and destination countries.

The Bike Shed Times editor Peter Terlick says he is seeing an increasing interest in international sales, caused by global demand for classic bikes meeting uneven supply in different markets.

“Historically, the United Kingdom, Europe and Japan all had big domestic markets and their bread-and-butter was in their own backyards,” he says.

“But from the late 1960s onwards, the motorcycle industry became international and large numbers of bikes started getting shipped to bigger markets all over the world. That led to some countries accumulating many bikes over the years, while countries with smaller populations had fewer.

“Now we are seeing buyers in countries like Australia willing to pay relatively higher prices for good classic bikes than buyers in bigger countries, because the local supply is so much smaller.”

Peter says shipping costs and administrative requirements vary between countries and can even vary from month to month. Companies like the UK-based Shippio can step in to manage the details.

“There’s no point trying to sell very cheap bikes internationally, of course,” Peter said.

“But if you have a bike that’s worth more than 10,000 pounds ($US15,000), an extra 2000GBP ($US2,500) or so isn’t a huge leap — especially if the bike is rare in Australia and buyers are willing to pay the extra.”

Reaching motorcycle collectors and enthusiasts in Australia is relatively straightforward, and the country is quite relaxed about registering older classic bikes — provided they are mostly unmodified and more than 25 years old — for use on Australian roads.

The Bike Shed Times has a web page dedicated to selling vintage, classic and exotic motorcycles to Australian buyers (see it here), and advertisements are inexpensive — from $AU25 (about 14GBP or $US18) for a simple one-photo advert up to $AU125 (71GBP / $US93) for a multi-component advert with up to ten photographs, an Editor’s Comment, and promotions on Facebook.

CAPTION: This Norton Commando was restored in Canada, advertised on The Bike Shed Times website, and sold to a buyer in Perth, Western Australia. Buyer and seller were both happy with the price.


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Peter Terlick