Vintage BSA 250 for sale

SELLER SAYS: 1965 BSA 250 Trials Pastoral for sale. Fully restored, Harris Engines re-bore, NOS piston, valves, guides, all bearings replaced. Most of original parts. Dunlop wheel rims etc re-chromed, spokes re-plated. Frame powder coated. Trials gearing. New primary and drive sprockets chains. 12V electronic ignition for easy starting! NOS parts (speedometer etc). VMCCWA club rego. Shannons value bike at $14,300. Twice runner-up at Capel River Classic Show & Shine. Contact Paul on 0412 866 322 (Dunsborough, Western Australia)

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: You’re not likely to see many of these lovely old BSA 250s, especially if you go hunting in England. The Pastoral was an export-only model, based on BSA’s 250 trials bike of the day and aimed at farmers and others who needed a tough and reliable machine capable of sloshing around in mud, climbing hills and jumping rocks. Back then, I suspect neither BSA nor the buyers of the 250 Pastoral, expected them to still be running almost 60 years later — let alone being restored and winning trophies at bike shows. I also doubt whether they gave two hoots about how they looked. But now, gosh — doesn’t it look marvellous? I’ve seen this bike of Paul’s at The Bike Shed Times Capel River Classic show and shines, and it really is as nice as it looks in the photos. I would hate to see it back in service as a workhorse on the farm, but what a great machine for an occasional run at a vintage trials event and lots of polish in the man cave. Lovely.



The Postman