CZ motocross bike for sale Australia

SELLER SAYS: 1974 CZ250 for sale. I built this bike for VMX racing, but I am just too old now. There has been a lot of work done, and it is ready to be raced. The motor has new C3 bearings mains and gearbox, with new seals, new crank, re-bored, piston, rings complete, single-plug head and centre squish, new Mikuni carby, cables, new exhaust system, new Ikon shockers, modified forks with Teflon bushes, new Michelin tyres and tubes, rebuilt wheels with XL rims, wheel bearings, seals and brake linings, alloy bars, new levers, modified air box to enable foam air filter. All the fibreglass is new, everything has been taken care of, it’s ready to go. Yes this bike is a little expensive but everything is done. Contact Peter on 0409 720 270 (Hope Valley – Adelaide, South Australia).

CZ motocross bike for sale

CZ motocross bike for sale

CZ mnotocross bike for sale

Classic motorcycle for sale Australia


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