SELLER SAYS: I am offering my loved 750 Sport for sale after 13 years of ownership. Original delivery was on 7/10/74 from Ghost Motorcycle Sales Corp in Washington, New York. I am the third owner. Aust compliance plate was added to the bike in 10/2009 when it arrived in Australia. One muffler has been repaired, due to small hole. Vin 755896, Eng No 755896. New battery fitted in 01/22. The bike is not restored but the body work has been repainted at some stage around 1985. Full WA licence to April 2024. Starts very easily, regular running. Spares include a new set of Conti mufflers, Factory fairing (unpainted). Contact Rob on 0448 726 262 (Yallingup, WA)

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: What a wonderful piece of machinery. Ducati’s long, colourful and successful history as a manufacturer of L-twin sports bikes started with the 750 Sport. It’s predecessor was the 750GT, a grand tourer which carried Ducati’s first twin-cylinder engine and was a sporty highway bike, and it’s successor was the 750 Desmo SuperSport, nowadays generally referred to as the “green-frame” and the most collectible Ducati of them all. Ducati actually sold the Sport and the SuperSport alongside one another for a year or two, with the SuperSport offering some higher spec componentry and a higher price tag. Being a 1974, this glorious bike of Rob’s will have been one of those bikes —  and very rare too, because the Sport was not a big seller; the SuperSport was the model that everyone wanted! Today, the green frames are so valuable that most have become revered museum items. Few people dare ride them, for fear of damaging such valuable merchandise. That leaves the 750 Sport as a very desirable beast indeed – a truly wonderful high-performance superbly balanced vintage sports bike whose price hasn’t precluded it from actually being ridden. And even if you ignore all of that, it’s just absolutely beautiful. Roaring art. Love it. Oh for a Lotto win!


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