DUCATI dealers from across the planet have been taking part in a dream contest — customising a new Ducati Scrambler and morphing it into something extra special.

The Scrambler range is a stylistic shout-out to Ducati’s Scrambler from the 1970s. You can order yours in one of half a dozen different iterations, from a slightly anaemic 41hp, 399cc model dubbed the Sixty2 through to a more entertaining 75hp, 803cc model called the Full Throttle.

(Bike Shed Times contributor The Postman is not a great fan of the modern-day Scrambler, but worships Ducati’s original scrambler — the 1971 Ducati 450 R/T. Check out his short drool here .)

Unconvincing or not, the modern Scrambler is obviously a great base from which to build a custom. At the time of writing, the global contest was down to five finalists, one of them an Aussie. The winner will be named at World Ducati Week (bet you didn’t know there was a world Ducati Week …) in Italy in July.

Here are the other four.

CAPTION: The ‘Scrambobber’ made in Thailand by Ducati Vibhavadi


CAPTION: ‘ScramblArabia’, built by Wheels of Arabia from Bahrain. We wonder what Lawrence (T.E., of Arabia fame) would think? He owned seven Brough Superiors when he crashed one of them, you know, killing himself. Apparently he had an eighth on order when he died.
1-Iron lungs
CAPTION: ‘Iron lungs’, co-built by Warsaw Liberty Motors, 86 Gear Motorcycles & Pawel Swanski (Poland). Not sure about the paint job, but like the seat and rear fender.



CAPTION: Our favourite, maybe influenced by just a little parochial bias, is ‘Scramblegale’, created by the Canberra Motorcycles Centre.




This is a standard off-the-shelf Ducati Scrambler ‘Classic’. Ugly bloody thing, wethinks …



Peter Terlick