BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder, they say, and this beholder beholds Ducati’s short-lived 450R/T single four stroke motocrosser as one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever made. It was built for one year only, 1971, and was only sold in America.

A wonderfully low-tech minimalistic single-cylinder 450 four stroke, it was not very fast, not very light, not very well suspended, and not very easy to change direction.

In fact, it was apparently a dog of a thing. But it was as sexy as Angelina Jolie in a business shirt, and I have a recurring dream that one day I’ll pick one up cheap, fit a lighting kit, and turn it into a super cool motard/ cafe racer/ hoon bike to park in front of The Dome.

Less than 100 were made, I believe, so I don’t like my chances.


CAPTION: Modern Scrambler is naturally a massively superior machine in every way but has too many cylinders, too little sex appeal, and a brown seat. I mean, puh-leez.
CAPTION: Fitted with a lighting kit, the R/T becomes a little less sexy, a little more heavy, and maybe functional as a park-in-front-of-The-Dome fashion statement.
CAPTION: The old Scrambler also came in road bike form. This one was up for sale recently for $14,000.

The Postman