SPECIAL bikes go faster on The Bike Shed Times — and here’s another example of the selling power of our Bikes For Sale page.

When Rockingham reader Nick Langley decided to put his very special Ducati 916SPS up for sale, he reached out to the perfect audience — the thousands of Australian motorcycle enthusiasts who follow The Bike Shed Times.

Nick placed an advert and chose a bunch of optional extras — extra photographs on The Showroom, Editor’s comment, and a Facebook post with the addition of a slideshow listing. The result was impressive — and immediate.

“The Editor’s comment was brilliant, and my bike was sold within 24 hours at my full asking price,” Nick said.

“With The Bike Shed Times you get genuine personal service and awesome value.

“And your bike doesn’t get lost amongst thousands of others.”

The Bike Shed Times Editor Peter Terlick was delighted with the success of Nick’s advert.

“There are plenty of ways to try to sell your bike, but The Bike Shed Times is the way to go if your bike is ‘something special’,” he said

“You could take out a free advertisement on Gumtree, and you can theoretically reach a bigger audience on some other on-line marketplaces,” he said.

“But you only need to reach one buyer — a person who wants your bike and is ready and willing to pay for it — and with The Bike Shed Times, you have a great chance to find that person.”

You can sell your special bike with us too. Click here to find out how.


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