YOU’VE got to hand it to Harley Davidson. Who else would think to make a quid from a pile of old rubble?

And in case you think no-one would be silly enough to pay good money for an old brick, they’ve sold out.

The blurb on the HD website encouraged folks to own “a piece of history”.

For the bargain (?) price of $350, the 100 lucky souls received one of the original  1913-1920 construction bricks from the first Harley-Davidson factory and offices, a  glass display case (boasting 100 UV Protection; you wouldn’t want it to get sunburned, hey?), a cherry wood base, a glass mirror bottom (we all need one of those) and a certificate of authenticity signed by Bill Davidson.

The bricks were used to build HD’s first factory and offices. The site now serves as the Corporate Headquarters of Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee.


Peter Terlick