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A DECISION by organisers to postpone the Perth run of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride charity event paid off handsomely, when the Spring sun came out to shine on a wonderful assortment of machines (and some terrible clothing choices) on the banks of the Swan River today.

More than 600 riders registered for the Perth event and raised, at last count, more than $90,000 towards the global total of more than $US4.6million.

Perth’s biggest individual fundraiser was Grant Hasler with more than $14,000, placing him second nationally, while the Perth Cafe Racers were the biggest fund-raising group in WA with a touch over $16,000.

Australian riders raised more than $1 million, finishing second behind the USA’s $1.7m.

The event, now in its sixth year, raised funds to help the world cope better with men’s mental health issues and prostate cancer.

The glorious sunshine enabled participants to bring out their dapperest kit, both in the clothing and machinery departments.

Our trusty Nikon got a workout to capture some of the talent. 

CAPTION: If there’d been a Best In Show award, and we’d been the judges, this beautifully cafe’d Yamaha would have got the cigar. Great stuff.
CAPTION: Richard Gordine dusted off his wonderful 1962 Ariel Arrow Super Sport 250 for the day. He told us the old girl was reliable, but he whispered it for fear she’d hear him and jack up on the way home.
CAPTION: It was not a day for fashion restraint.
CAPTION: Levels of dapperdom ranged from very …
CAPTION: … to not very.
CAPTION: … and to patriotic.






CAPTION: Rudge and Hayabusa shared colour scheme, number of wheels and, er, not much else.


CAPTION: Nice suit, Rex. Tegan Montgomery gleefully indicates how many left cylinders are firing well on the Guzzi.




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Peter Terlick

8 thoughts on “October sun for Perth DGR — classics, customs, dapper chaps and charity fare on the banks of the Swan

  1. (Regarding mental health side of things…) Y’ know, the restricting of ride information to only registered fundraisers/participants is understandable. But don’t you think that exclusion (and the fundraising hard-sell) exacerbates the mental health malady that DGR purports to be addressing? Others’ experience of these types of events/movements may not be of welcome, but inaccessibility and exclusion instead

    When someone has withdrawn and is in pain, it takes courage to come along, even then only to hide in the background. But that opportunity to at least try to connect is taken away with this registration policy. So the isolation continues, along with the sense that these events are more about the promotion and feel-good of the organisers. The in-crowd get to have a good time and a warm-fuzzy vibe without having to deal directly with the afflicted. While the afflicted remain so…

    But please don’t leave behind those who apparently this effort is for.

  2. I would also like to be notified of next year’s event please, thanks. This looks like an AWESOME day out for a very worthy cause 🙂

    1. Keep an eye on The Bikes Shed Times, Paul. I expect it will be around the same time next year.

    1. Keep your eye on The Bike Shed Times, Conray; we’re sure to promo it next year.

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