WE FOUND ourselves getting a bit excited recently when photos of what looked like a new retro-inspired Kawasaki drifted through our in-box.

The bike looked ridgy-didge and the few words that accompanied the image gave us heart: “2019 Kawasaki ZXR900 30th Edition” it said, and the bike’s design looked heavily influenced by the ZXR750 from the 1990s.

Given that we were utterly underwhelmed by the new Z900 when it was unveiled (see our article here), we held a glimmer of hope that Kawasaki had seen the light, gone back to the drawing board, and created a much more appealing retro(-ish) sports bike.

Alas, on closer inspection it was a mirage.

What we’re looking at here is a kit — albeit a very nice one —  created by a Spanish outfit called Japan Legends. The kit apparently transforms the modern Z900 into a ZXR750-styled sports bike.

We have no idea how much the kit would cost, nor whether you’d be able to get one to Australia. When we tracked down Japan Legends on Facebook, it looked like the kit wasn’t yet available for sale.

But hey — wouldn’t it be nice if Kawasaki Australia sourced a few kits and released them as extra special Zeds, new bike warranty and all?

You can see Japan Legends on Facebook here.


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Peter Terlick