A trio of rare CCMs, a legendary Maico and a selection of rip-your-arms off open-class Japanese two strokes are among the dozens of collectible and delectable dirt bikes set to go on show at the fast-approaching The Bike Shed Times Capel River Classic Motorcycle Show and Shine.

The event will be held on Saturday June 25 in parallel with the 45th Capel 200 Trail Bike Rally, at 1688 Goodwood Road, Capel River, Western Australia, home of the Ironstone Adventure Riding Club. The show and shine includes a special category dedicated to off-road bikes (pre-1993), commemorating south-west motorcycling identity, the late Glen Britza.

Members from both the Vintage Enduro Club of WA and the Vintage Motocross Club of WA are expected to display a range of bikes, in addition to those formally entered for the show and shine competition. A short but impressive special-test course has been laid out adjacent to the display area, so spectators will be able to see vintage dirt bikes in action.

Brothers Dave and Jim Lawson will be showing off no less than five of their vintage motocross bikes — including four thumping great British four-strokes and a lovely 125cc two-stroke from Japan.

Jim Lawson’s glorious two-valve 1979 CCM 580 will be taken out for The Bike Shed Times Capel River Classic.
Jim smiles for the camera with his CCM.



Two very different machines – a 540cc four stroke CCM from 1973 and a 1974 Kawasaki KX125.
People were still riding scrambles on big British twins in the 1960s. This ground-shaking 1968 Cheney Triumph was one of them, and will be on display . (Pic by Debra Miller.)
Jeremy Connor from the Ironstone Adventure Riding Club will show his 1981 Maico 490 Mega 2 — considered by many as the greatest motocross bike of them all.

Big-bore Japanese two strokes dominated motocross tracks around the world through the 1980s, with the big four manufacturers — Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki — all producing huge power and way-long suspension. Wanneroo collector Colin Dickinson has one of each, lucky devil, and will be taking them all down to Capel.

Colin’s 1980 Yamaha YZ465G
And his 1982 Suzuki RM465
And his 1987 Honda CR500
And his 1984 Kawasaki KX500.
Glen Britza and his nephew Shawn Stokes were restoring this 1968 Yamaha DT1 250 Enduro when Glen passed away. Shawn has recently finished the job. The bike will be on show at The Bike Shed Times Capel River Classic.


The winning off-road bike in the Show & Shine competition will be awarded the Glen Britza Memorial trophy. Learn more about Glen here.


Peter Terlick