“They are awesome!”

The Bike Shed Times‘ funky ‘Desmo Face Mask’ has made its international debut — in a private garage in Roseville, Sacramento, California!

An DeYoung, a former writer on the now-defunct CityBike Magazine in San Francisco, ordered two masks with optional disposable insert packs, one each for her and husband Harrison, in early August.

Without being totally sure whether The Bike Shed Times would ship to the United States, An decided to place the order and hope for the best.

“They arrived this week and they were well worth the wait,” An said. “They are awesome! Thanks so much for shipping to the US.”

The face mask image, taken from a bevel-era Ducati 900, was a perfect match for An’s Ducati Darmah.

And the mask is sure to be noticed when Harrison wears his to work at A&S Motorcycles, a Ducati, BMW, Royal Enfield and Triumph dealer in Roseville.

The Desmo Face Mask sells for $37.50 plus postage, plus $10 for the optional 10-pack of disposable filters.

You can order yours here — and yes, we’ll ship almost anywhere!



PERFECT MATCH: An and Harrison pose for a selfie in their garage in Roseville, California, sporting their Aussie Desmo Face Masks from The Bike Shed Times.
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