Vintage AJS motorcycle for sale

SELLER SAYS: I’ve had this bike sitting in the shed for two years. All intentions to get it going but other projects have jumped in front. It’s a non-runner but not much to get it going. It’s in great condition. A B5 350cc side valve, so hard to find. A great old bike nowadays that you don’t need to pay the earth for. Contact Dale on 0482 459 096 (Northam, WA)

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: A marvellous piece of motorcycle history here, reaching back to the early decades of motorcycle manufacture and the glory days of the AJS brand. The company was born very much as a family concern, taking its name from Albert John Stevens, and the first bike to wear the AJS badge was offered for sale in 1910. Within a decade, AJS machines were winning trophies at the Isle of Man and, apart from the inconvenient interruption of World War I, they kept on doing so through the 1920s and ’30s. When this bike of Dale’s was made, AJS was still a family company — Harry Stevens was managing director, George Stevens commercial manager, Joe Stevens (Jnr) managed the ‘experimental’ section, and Jack Stevens was production manager. The family dabbled outside of bikes — there were cars, buses and even radios — but high-performance motorcycles were the backbone of the business even after the company went into liquidation in 1931 and was swallowed up by Matchless.

The Postman