Vintage Harley J Model motorcycle

Vintage Harley for sale

SELLER SAYS: 1926 1200cc Harley Davidson for sale. It has a 1928 front brake. Original HD factory-fitted front fork dampers. Other bits and pieces: WW2 headlight, 1929 electrical panel. The engine is kicked over every now and then. It was ridden up and down the street 30 years ago. It comes with a tea chest full of valuable parts (will not separate). Parts include: 1925e engine, gear boxes (2). As-new 1926 frame. Old 1920’s tanks (4). Luggage rack, front forks (3). Repro tool box, handle bars, plus items shown in photos. For a bike that’s nearly 100 years old, it is in such good condition. A rare find. Contact John by email at (Western Australia).

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: As a 1926 model, this glorious Model J was released just 23 years after William Harley and Arthur Davidson sold their first motorcycle in the backyard of the Davidson family home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. It therefore reaches back to within sight of the birth of motorcycles, and it’s next owner will get to bake a cake and celebrate it’s 100th birthday; an event that surely warrants a letter from the King (no, not Elvis – the other one), or from Harley-Davidson’s CEO perhaps. John invited me to his property to see this bike (and his 1987 Ducati 750F1 Laguna Seca) and take these photos. The bike looks very sound, and John said it was running when he parked it up 30-odd years ago. I don’t doubt it. Such an historic machine may move on to another under-lock-and-key safe place, but we’d love to see someone get it running again, in time for its centenary. Just wonderful.

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