SELLER SAYS: Bike is running, regoed and rideable as is, and tyres are decent. A shaft-driven heavyweight tourer, GS1000G, fitted with a 22 litre (5.8 US gal) tank. Suzuki put a lot of effort and money in developing a shaft drive that didn’t have the negative effect the shafties always had, lifting the rear end when accelerating, and managed quite well. ”It is actually the first shaft-driven motorcycle we have ridden that feels like it was chain driven,” a reporter from a Swedish bike magazine wrote back in the early eighties. Using 37 mm Kayaba air and oil dampened front fork and Kayaba rear shocks, the model had 275mm (10.8 in) twin disc at the front and similar single disc at the rear. The front brake was considered excellent in 1980. Contact Gary on 0898422914 or at (Albany, WA)

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