CAPTION: Now that is one beautiful looking bike. MV Agusta’s 2018 Brutale 800RR.

TWO new bikes unveiled last week have confirmed what many of us already know — Japan might be the king of motorcycle sales, but Italy is the king of cool.

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Kawasaki’s released pics of the Z900RS Cafe, the second iteration of the ‘retro-sport’ Z900RS released late last year. For some, the new Cafe might bring back memories of the original Z1 and Z900 of the 1970s, or the cult-classic bike movie Stone, or maybe Eddie Lawson’s green and white KZ1000R.

(Lawson won the 1981 AMA superbike title by 10 points over Freddie Spencer on a CB900F-based Honda and Wes Cooley on a GS1000 Suzuki. Eddie won half of the eight AMA Superbike races that year and Freddie won three.)

CAPTION: Eddie Lawson made green-and-white popular in 1981.

But for me, the new Cafe’s gawdy colour scheme channels lollipops and ice-cream parlours. (See more info from Kawasaki here.)

On the other side of the planet, little Italian sports bike manufacturer MV Agusta released pics of its latest Brutale, the triple-cylinder 800RR. And ain’t she gorgeous?

Learn more about the new Brutale here and read our story on the MV Agusta company and the 2007 Brutale 910R here.

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Peter Terlick