HERE’S one from the files of the weird and wonderful … well, the weird anyway.

A Polish chap living in New York City commissioned a new bike from Polish custom bike manufacturer Game Over Cycles, and here’s the result — an H-D Street Bob inspired by the architectural highlights of New York and the buyer’s home town, the Polish city of Rzeszów.

Design elements from each city were mixed together, thusly:

From New York:

  • wheels with Manhattan buildings engraved in metal. The wheel contains mini versions of the Empire State Building, 1 World Trade Centre, Flatiron, Chrysler Building, and old World Trade Centre towers
  • the exhaust is a replica of the Chrysler Building, covered with 24-carat gold
  • the ignition coil cover looks like The Oculus
  • the front plow is in the shape of old World Trace Centre ruins with the “9/11 Never Forget” inscription
  • the timing cover features a New York Yankees logo, covered with 24-carat gold
  • the fuel tank cap is made from brass in the form of a $ 1 coin with Rzeszów-New York inscription
  • the fuel tank’s right-side painting includes the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline
CAPTION: So here’s quick quiz. See how fast you can spot the Empire State Building, then take a guess how long it would take to clean both wheels with a tooth brush (soft) and Colgate. We’re thinking “quite some time”.

From Rzeszów:

  • Revolutionary Act Monument – the most famous monument of the city placed in the middle of wheel among Manhattan buildings, and covered with 24-carat gold
  • the seat is shaped to replicate the Tadeusz Mazowiecki bridge – the largest bridge in the city – together with brass ropes attached to the fender and indicators that look like the bridge’s warning lights
  • the air filter cover is in the shape of city’s most known and characteristic footbridge with Rzeszów’s coat of arms in the centre, covered with 24-carat gold
  • the rear brake light and position light is in the shape of the Rzeszów coat of arms
  • the fuel tank’s left-side painting features the Rzeszów skyline

The bike was unveiled at Harley-Davidson of New York City on May 9 where it will remain on show for a couple of months before the owner takes possession.

Hope he doesn’t scratch it …

Peter Terlick