A BUMPER crowd, plenty of sunshine, and a spectacular selection of old, new and middle-aged motorcycles came together for an outstanding show today at the 2017 York Motorcycle Festival.

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The Avon Valley shrugged off a somewhat gloomy overnight weather forecast to turn on a picture-perfect day. The crowd was bigger than last year, and the historic York Town Hall was packed with a wonderful array of bikes for the Show and Shine competition, sponsored by Motorcycle Panel and Paint and bike detailer Clean Ride.

 The Bike Shed Times had a stall in the hall, but managed to get out and about and put the Nikon to use to gather these pics.

CAPTION: York’s main drag, Avon Terrace, was lined with bikes of every vintage, every size, and every nationality. Old BSA and modern Ducati chatted across the terrace.
CAPTION: Lovely Moto Guzzi CX100 in the shadow of the town hall clock. Nice fairing.




CAPTION: Everywhere you looked; perfect bodywork.


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CAPTION: Once upon a time, Ducati had a crack at building a dirt bike. It was beautiful, but didn’t catch on. Pity.


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CAPTION: There is big, real big, and extremely big. Boss Hoss V8 was gargantuan. It won the Cruiser class for Colin Haynes in the Show and Shine.




CAPTION: Hayabusa-based custom was a jaw-dropper. It won Best In Show for Doug Vickery.
CAPTION: Baby engine from Harley Davidson’s early days.
CAPTION: Stunning twin-cam Honda Four cafe racer attracted many admirers.
CAPTION: Replica NCR Ducati racer kept company with a couple of beautiful early LeMans Guzzis. None of the Italian trio won a trophy, but they were the three bikes that would have been smuggled into the back of The Bike Shed Times‘ Jeep, had no one been looking. Bellissimo.
CAPTION: Dan Talbot’s Triton piddled a little oil on the ground, proving its heritage. Gorgeous bike.
CAPTION: Tim Wright’s Suzuki RG500 was virtually perfect. Read about it here.
CAPTION: Suzuki GT750 kettle and S&S-powered Saxon Sceptre chopper cunningly attracted punters to The Bike Shed Times‘ stand. They’re both for sale on our ‘Bikes For Sale’ page here.


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Peter Terlick