Rustic Off-Road Rally – part of the 2023 Capel River Classic

Saturday October 14th

More details have been released around the ‘Rustic Off-Road Rally’ being held alongside The Bike Shed Times’ Show & Shine as part of the 2023 Capel River Classic.

The one-day classic motorcycle event will be held at Capel River, two hours south of Perth (WA) on Saturday October 14th and will include a live band, licensed bar and entertainment for the kids, as well as the motorcycle events.

Entries are now open for the Rustic Rally, which is open to pre-1975 motorcycles including bikes on club licences (C4C and 404 class). Unlicensed bikes can also take part, but owners will need to gain an Unlicensed Vehicle Permit (more details here).

Huw Jones (BMW) on a recent rally test ride.

The rally itself starts and finishes at 1688 Goodwood Road, Capel River – the same location as the show and shine event. The rally course offers a combination of three different routes through the Capel-Jarrahwood State forest. The routes are all fully signed and all you have to do is follow the arrows through the forest at your own pace and you can ride them in any order and as many times as you want.

There are three courses to choose from; a long course of approximately 30km, a short course of approximately 10km, and a second short course with ‘The Hill’ of approximately 10km.

Event spokesman Jeremy Connor said all three routes would be run entirely on gazetted, maintained unsealed roads.

“The course has been test ridden by a 1932 JAP, a 1938 BSA and a 1951 BMW with road tyres and is definitely suitable for older/historic bikes,” Jeremy said.

“There are no sand tracks and no “bush bashing” involved, and you definitely don’t need to be a ‘gun’ off-road rider!”

Free overnight camping is available at the venue and entry to the event is free (unless you require an Unlicensed Vehicle Permit, as mentioned above, which will cost $35). Recovery vehicles will be available in case of breakdowns.

Full details are on the Indian-Harley Club (Bunbury) website; click here.

CAPTION: Steve and Mick Turner recently tested the rally courses on their vintage bikes. Steve’s smile says it all!

Entries are also open for The Bike Shed Times Capel River Classic Show & Shine, being held on the same day. Click here for more information.





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