WELL check this out — it looks like a slickly-modified Triumph Bonneville in bobber style, but it’s actually a ridgy-didge product soon to be on sale from Triumph.

Manufacturers have been rolling out modern bikes in the early 1960’s (and on) cafe racer style for a long time now, but you don’t often see as dedicated an effort as this one to capture the bobber look.

To be brutally honest, I’ve always thought a big part of the attraction of custom bikes is that they’re, you know, custom bikes. One-off. Made not bought. All that stuff.

But you’ve got to give Triumph points for this one. It looks schmick.

The first bikes are expected to arrive in Perth in January with an asking price of around $21k-$22k.

Here’s most of the press release from Triumph:

Brutal beauty – a pure Bonneville hot rod.

Unparalleled heritage, stunning custom style.

The latest addition to the Bonneville family, Triumph introduces the all-new premium custom Bonneville Bobber. Born in a unparalleled bloodline of Triumph bobber customs that stretch all the way back to the 1940’s it perfectly encapsulates the minimalist styling principles, muscular stance and purposeful engineering attitude of a genuine bobber.

Stripping the Bonneville T120 back to its purest essence it delivers all the hallmarks of a real bobber, with clean lines and low stance, single seat, wide flat bars, minimal bodywork and headlight, sculpted tank, wire spoked wheels with wide rear wheel and that all-important hard tail look.

The Bobber’s stunning features include an authentic battery box with stainless steel strap, bar end mirrors, rear mudguard loop, carb styled twin throttle bodies, broad adjustable levers, traditional rubber gaiters, classic rear ‘drum brake’ inspired hub, new side panel and sprocket cover with removable inspection cap.

The all-new 2016 Triumph Bonneville Bobber.

A genuine factory custom, the Bobber features a whole host of premium finishes including bronze 1200HT engine badges and the signature Triumph makers mark triangle, brushed engine covers, branded locking fuel cap and silver satin and graphite handlebar risers.

There are four premium colour options to choose from;

  • Ironstone, with a matt finish
  • Morello Red
  • Stunning Competition Green and Frozen Silver, with a stylish British racing twist
  • Jet Black

Elegant engineering innovation

The Bobber introduces a tailorable riding position, delivered by the beautifully crafted new floating aluminium seat, ergonomically optimised and sculpted for comfort with stitched deep foam pad, and minimal stylish clock – both adjustable to suit rider size and riding style.

The slotted seat design system allows the rider to position the seat ‘up and forward’ for dynamic riding in a roadster position and ‘down and backwards’ for cruising in a more traditional riding position. This is complimented by a simple quick-release function for the clocks that enables riders to adjust the position to complement their seating and riding style.

Combined with a low seat height of 690mm when in the low seat position, the Bonneville Bobber is truly accessible to all riders.

Delivering the Bobber’s hallmark hard tail look is an innovative and distinctive ‘cage’ swinging arm with paddock stand bobbin mounts and hidden monoshock rear suspension.

Topping off the engineering innovation is the ‘clean line’ Bonneville technology packaging system, which includes the straight line hidden ‘cat box’ pipe run and the sensitive incorporation of rider focused technology such as the ECU, ABS modulator and immobiliser.

Category defining capability, control and comfort

Our ambition was to deliver a genuine bobber – without compromise to the ride, comfort or rider
control, to have it ride just like a Triumph should.

With an all new bespoke frame to suit the unique Bobber geometry and minimal rear end, new forks with bespoke springing and damping, a low seat height, great stand over and adjustable riding position the Bobber delivers a truly class defining riding dynamic.

Taking the capability to the highest level the Bobber also features a host of rider focused technology, including:

Ride-by-Wire Delivering enhanced rideability, feel, safety and control, from a single throttle body.
Riding Modes Linked to the ride-by-wire system there are two selectable riding modes; ROAD and RAIN. They are selectable via the new switch gear and command two dedicated throttle maps for maximum control and safety in different riding conditions.
ABS The latest generation anti-lock braking system – introducing a new level of safety and control yet remaining unobtrusive and with minimal visual impact.
Switchable Traction Control Switchable traction control via the instrument menu helps to maximise rider safety and comfort.
Torque Assist Clutch Designed to reduce clutch lever effort for the rider, bringing a lighter touch and feel to the clutch and making it easier to ride, and for longer.
LED Rear Light Incorporated into the classic design, it creates a distinctive light pattern with enhanced power efficiency and excellent visibility.
Engine Immobiliser Thatcham approved immobiliser incorporated into the new key with high value Triumph badge.
Stylish Twin Clocks Feature packed clocks high quality twin clocks cleverly incorporating a digital menu system for fingertip control while riding.

  • Gear position indicator
  • Odometer
  • Two trip settings
  • Service indicator
  • Range to empty
  • Fuel level
  • Average and current fuel consumption
  • Clock
  • Traction control settings

Finally to enhance the authentic look the Bobber has classic wire-spoked wheels, with stylish black rims and inner tubes fitted with Avon Cobra tyres developed specifically for the Bobber.

With a signature ‘wider rear wheel’ Bobber set up it has a 19”x2.5” on the front, fitted with an Avon Cobra AV71 for reduced mass for high-speed manoeuvrability, and 16”x3.5” wider wheel fitted on the rear, with a category-first AV72 radial tyre with cobra tread pattern for class-leading stability.

The all-new 2016 Triumph Bonneville Bobber.

The Bonneville Bobber has been designed with customising in mind with over 150 accessories available for more style, detailing and comfort, and for even more performance.

For even an more distinctive character there are high ‘ape hanger’ bars, a statement rider seat and bar end peep mirrors.

For riders who are looking for more long distance comfort there is a stylish comfort seat in a ribbed and quilted version, a heated grip kit and a cruise control kit .

To deliver even more performance to the Bobber, Triumph is introducing a new partnership with FOX with a dual branded adjustable rear suspension unit plus a range of new Bobber exhausts from Vance and Hines with beautifully machined aluminium end caps which are adjustable to change the profile.


  • Peerless authenticity
    • A genuine Bonneville, iconic and authentic
    • A genuine bobber with unparalleled heritage, attitude and desirability
    • A genuine factory custom with beautifully styled minimalism
  • Stunning hand crafted custom style
    • Breath-taking poise, presence and iconic silhouette
    • Authentic bobber features, stripped back, low, single seat, wide flat bars and hard tail look
    • Premium bobber detailing and finishes
  • Innovative and elegant engineering
    • Adjustable riding position
    • Floating aluminium seat pan with beautiful stitched deep foam pad
    • Sublime crafted ‘swing cage’ and hidden mono shock rear suspension
    • Signature Bonneville straight line exhaust hidden ‘cat box’ pipe run 
  • Thrilling hot rod ride and sound
    • Specially engineered dedicated Bonneville 1200HT ‘Bobber’ engine tune
    • More torque and power lower down than the Bonneville T120
    • Brushed stainless steel twin exhaust with lighter ‘slash cut’ sawn off peashooter
      silencers and a rich unique bobber exhaust note
  • Category defining capability, comfort and control 
    • A bobber without compromise
    • All new frame, chassis and suspension for an engaged and comfortable ride
    • Authentic wire-spoked black rim wheels and category-first radial Avon Cobra rear tyre
    • Rider focused technology including ride-by-wire, torque assist clutch, switchable traction control and road and rain full power riding modesThe all-new 2016 Bonneville Bobber
    • CAPTION: The all-new Triumph Bonneville Bobber.

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