Bikes for sale move to the website’s front page

New drop-down menus for British, European, Japanese & American bikes

New drop-down menus for location and age categories

There are changes underway on The Bike Shed Times website, making it easier to find your next special motorcycle — and it’s good news for sellers too.

We’re in the process of migrating bikes for sale to our home page, which means buyers are now presented with our latest listings as soon as they arrive on the website.

A series of new drop-down menus — one each for British bikes, European bikes, Japanese bikes, American bikes, bike location, and age category — enables buyers to browse faster and find their perfect match more easily.

The changes are designed to make The Bike Shed Times more user-friendly, but they also make it easier for search engine robots to find our bikes — and that means even higher visibility on the internet.

So if you’re looking to buy or sell a special motorcycle, start right here. Because now special bikes go even faster on The Bike Shed Times.

CAPTION: We’re moving bikes for sale onto our front page. When visitors come to the website, they are immediately presented with our latest listings and can scroll down to see more. (By the end of the year, all our bikes for sale will be displayed on our front page.)
CAPTION: Buyers can scroll through all our bikes for sale, or use the drop-down menus. This one narrows down your choice of vintage …
CAPTION: This one narrows down your choice according to location …
CAPTION: And there are four menus to narrow your selection according to your taste in bikes, and their country of origin.


Peter Terlick