THE Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries has released Australia’s 2017 motorcycle sales data – and it mostly tells a tale of woe.

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While Husqvarna and Indian managed significant sales increases over 2016, and market leaders Honda (overall), Harley Davidson (road bikes), and Yamaha (off-road) can find some degree of comfort in again topping their respective charts, the raw numbers show last year delivered mostly pain for the big brands, at least in comparison to the previous 12 months.

Of the major manufacturers, three suffered drops of bigger than 10%: Yamaha (-14.1%), Harley Davidson (-13.4%) and KTM (-12.5%), while the Christmas parties at Suzuki (-9.2%) and Honda (-8%) probably featured Yellowglen rather than Moet.

Things were even worse for Triumph and Moto Guzzi. Triumph has been keeping the market entertained with new models in recent years but sold only 2,301 bikes across Australia to record a 26.4% drop in sales. Moto Guzzi, which has been less active in giving us new metal lately, fared even worse with just 146 sales for the year — a drop of 32.7% on 2016.

Ducati almost held it’s ground with a 2.2% drop to 1,968 sales.

Some companies fared better, albeit on smaller numbers: Husqvarna was 22.1% up on last year with 2,647 sales, while Indian jumped 20.2% to 769.

Top selling bikes for the year were as follows.

























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4 thoughts on “Australian new bike sales 2017 – mostly a tale of woe and misery, but Indian and Husqvarna smile

    1. I can only assume the sales volume wasn’t enough to make the list, Werner. But I see BRP Australia is listed in the overall results. BRP handles the Can-Am Spyder and some pretty hot off-road four-wheelers. We wouldn’t mind a squirt on a Maverick RC Turbo …

  1. Just wondering if there are any stats available for sport bike sales by state, I.e did sales drop or increase in WA?

    1. We’ve previously asked the FCAI for West Australian figures, Joe, but they won’t release them. Our guess is that WA might be suffering a little more than the eastern States … mining and gas boom hangover and all that … but probably not much more.

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