The editor’s comment sold the bike

Nick from Newcastle in NSW listed his 1956 AJS Model 30 for sale with The Bike Shed Times after having no success trying to sell it elswhere.

“I had it on Gumtree for a month,” he said.

“I had a few enquiries, one inspection, a couple of scams — overall just ticking along slowly — when I came across The Bike Shed Times website.

“I was impressed by the way bikes were advertised, with excellent descriptions, so I organised my AJS to be advertised.

“I also paid for the accompanying prose written by the editor. When the ad came out I was impressed — it was so much better than what I could write!

“The editor’s comment really sold the bike in my opinion. Here I am, two weeks later, and the bike is on its way to a new owner.

“A website dedicated to selling special motorbikes — well worth it!”


Peter Terlick